Water Warrior Maude Barlow in Guelph

Water warrior Maude Barlow, Chairperson of The Council of Canadians, was back in Guelph on Monday October 15 2012 for a showing of Tapped, a documentary critical of the bottled water industry.

The documentary was originally to be shown outdoors during the summer as part of Water Conservation Documentary Nights (expected audience, an optimistic 30-40 people) with co-sponsorship by Wellington Waterwatchers and the City of Guelph Water Services. However after a strongly worded letter was sent by Nestlé objecting to the city’s involvement , the showing of the documentary was subsequently cancelled.

You can read a copy of the Nestlé letter here:

Letter from Nestlé Waters to the City of Guelph September 7 2012

You can read a reply from the Mayor of Guelph to Nestlé here:

Letter from the Mayor of Guelph, Karen Farbridge to Nestlé Waters September 13 2012

Mayor Farbridge also took to her blog to talk about the cancellation of Tapped in an attempt to diffuse the furore developing in the city regarding the city’s apparent bending to the will of the multi-national Nestle.

However, as testament to the power of both social media and Guelph activism, the film was finally shown last night at War Memorial Hall at the University of Guelph in front of a packed house of 350-400 people. This showing was sponsored by Wellington Waterwatchers, the Guelph Chapter of The Council of Canadians and The Central Students Association.

During a presentation in advance of the film, Ms Barlow expressed her concerns about Nestlé’s heavy-handed actions, the bottled water industry in general and the on-going commodification of water.

We were fortunate to catch up with Ms Barlow after her presentation. You can listen to that  interview here.

Listen to Maude Barlow:

For more information on the Council of Canadians visit www.canadians.org.

You can watch the whole of the documentary Tapped online here.

Photo credit: Wellington Waterwatchers

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